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Log homes

Log structures is a specialty field of natural wood care in and of itself. At Woodcare of Evergreen, we understand that owning a log structure is very different from owning other types of structures. Log structures have their own special maintenance requirements and needs. Some of the issues involved include caulking, chinking, checking, cracking, rotting, log repair and replacement and so on. Log home sidingStripping logs is different than stripping other surfaces and often requires a different approach. Some considerations may be to use media blasting, sanding, buffing and pressure washing. Things to consider would be the effects of these processes such as pitting, furring (fuzzing), darkening, leaking, dust, controlling media(sand, corn cob, etc.) on the jobsite, and how these things will effect the end result.
Log homes wood stain Applying stain to logs also has specific ramifications such as whether or not there is chinking and whether to stain over the chinking or protect the original look of the chinking.

Woodcare of Evergreen has the expert knowledge and experience to restore your log home to like-new condition by using a variety of specialized techniques. We can restore the ugliest of situations to like-new condition. We will assess the needs associated with your log structure and provide the highest level of professional service to meet your needs.