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The WoodCare Professional Series of Exterior Natural Wood Products by Boodge Company

The Boodge Company Story
Practically, modern science, and a lot of hands-on experience, the WoodCare Professional Series™ exterior natural wood products offered by Boodge Company are a grass roots success story.

From humble beginnings in Vail, Colorado in 1982, we have developed, refined, redefined, and mastered our products, and they are now performing throughout Colorado and much of the Rocky Mountain West - evidence that the WoodCare Professional Series is particularly well-suited to the arid and alpine climates of the Western United States.

Boodge™ products exhibit an extraordinary ability to replenish much-needed moisture to wood (in the form of a deeply penetrating oil), provide superior waterproofing characteristics, and enhance the longevity and aesthetic beauty of natural wood.

The Unique Performance & Benefits of Boodge Products
The WoodCare Professional Series from Boodge Company contain an essentially non-drying oil that migrates into wood cells through capillary action - just like water does. We then couple the oil with UV blocking pigments and drying resins that form a surface barrier that both traps the oil in the wood, and helps keep moisture (water) out of the wood. As the WoodCare Professional Series oils soak in, they minimize the destructive effects of the expansion and contraction of wood that result from weathering.

Because our products are truly deep penetrating, and do not form a hard-drying surface coating, you can easily maintain a natural wood appearance through subsequent applications.

As a result of our genuine and honest approach to wood care and our extensive real-world experience, we believe that it is time for a new standard of performance for protection of your natural wood against the elements of nature.

WoodCare of Evergreen uses the Siding & Trim Oil and the Deck Defender product lines.
The WoodCare Professional Series product line provides a common sense solution for the protection for your natural wood investment. Our products far exceed the performance and visual expectations of any other wood care product currently available, and provide the most cost-effective way to maintain the aesthetic beauty for your exterior natural wood.

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